Datahive360 Connector - Google Search Ads 360

Datahive360 expands your Search Ads 360 data.

Collect, unify and integrate the rest of your marketing data in Google Search Ads 360 API .
Datahive360 - Google Search Ads 360 Data Collection


Expanding your Search Ads 360 data is easy via our user-friendly interface.

All you need to start collecting data is log in and simply pick your data template. Or you could go custom and select your own metrics and dimensions.


Align your other data sources with Google Search Ads 360.

Collect event data from your mobile apps, websites, and servers with one API. Use turnkey integrations to pull in contextual data from cloud apps like your CRM, payment systems, and internal databases. 

Datahive360 - Google Search Ads 360 Data Unification
Datahive360 - Google Search Ads 360 Data Distribution


Use your customer segment data in Search Ads 360.

All you need to create and update custom audiences on Meta Business Manager is to setup a model in Datahive360 that is fed by another import model. This could be a direct data retrieving model connecting to your CRM or a Multi source model that combines data from various data sources.

Designed with Scalability in Mind

Trusted by small businesses and global enterprises alike, Datahive360 is committed to helping your organization ascend to the next level.
Single Source of Thruth

Multi-Platform Support

As you add new tools, ad platforms, and CRMs to your business, Datahive360 offers tidy dashboards and reports at scale.

Zero code platform

Intuitive Usability

Training new personnel is one of the most common challenges that growing teams face. Fortunately, Datahive360’s zero-code interfaces are simple and intuitive.

Full Data Ownership

100% Ownership

Datahive360 not only features ultra-secure encryption protocols, but also keeps you in control of your  Google Search Ads 360 data for uninhibited access and usage freedom.

Useful features working with Search Ads 360

Datahive 360 Features - Automatic data refresh & stabilization
Depending on the data source, some data may not be final until several days later (eg. cost and conversion data). Therefore each data connector in Datahive360 has its own lookback window to constantly update data for the time period where data is known to be unstable, ensuring data completeness and overall quality.
Datahive 360 Features - Automatic Data Unification
Datahive360 recognizes metrics and dimensions across different data sources and understands how to handle field mapping/binding automatically. Your data is therefore automatically unified and harmonized using fully customizable data model templates.
Datahive 360 Features - Plug 'n Play Connectors
Datahive360 offers plug & play connectors for the most popular advertising, analytics and CRM platforms. See the list of supported data connectors for details.