Release Note 1


The year 2021 is coming to an end. This year we’ve released Datahive360’s shiny new interface.
This has been a huge step in our mission to enable all in working with unified marketing data.
We sure hope you’ve been enjoying it so far. Since then we’ve made a lot of improvements,
which we have been quiet about until now.

From now on we will update you on a regular interval on those improvements, big and small.


Tije Vlam
Product Owner Datahive360

Lets see whats new in Datahive360.

Release Note 1: 2021-12-08

We’ve released a lot of small updates and bugfixes that will make your and our workflow much more pleasurable. We push improvements live on an almost daily basis. Lately, we have also released some bigger updates, which we’d like to highlight in this first public release note:

• Easy accessible Template groups.
• Added a new connector for Quantcast.
• Cleaner Dashboard and model tables.
• Added Client ID dimension to Google Analytics Connector.
• We’ve updated multiple connectors to the latest API versions.

Easy accessible Template groups

Templates and Template groups are a great way to quickly create the data models you need. Whether its for regression analysis, data upload or dashboarding. There was only one minor inconvenience: this feature was a bit hidden. Now, we’ve liberated it and made it accessible via the big blue Create New button.

The Quantcast Connector

If your using Quantcast’s self-service platform you will love this! Since last sprint we’ve added our Quantcast Connector which allows you to collect all your campaign data with Datahive360. All you need is your username, password and Account Id (p-code). Set it up in 2 minutes and start using your Quantcast Data wherever you need it: in your Reporting, in your Analytics, Data Warehouse or anywhere else.

Cleaner Dashboard and model tables

The dashboard and model tables have had a neat update. Less is more (or so we’ve hear) and thus went for a cleaner look to comfort all our eyes in all tables listing models. Also we’ve added a hover for the quick action buttons (edit, copy, delete, save as template) saving us all time and clicks. And finally, we’ve started adding tooltips to guide you.

Added Client ID dimension to Google Analytics Connector

We are excited about this one! We’ve added a hidden gem to our Google Analytics Connector. This dimension lets you add the GA Client ID to your data models which opens up a lot of new possibilities. Think Data stitching, regression analysis and attribution. And thats just from the top of our minds.

Updated connectors to support the latest API versions

We’ve been updating some of our API Connectors to support the latest version of those respective API’s. The updated connectors include Search Console, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Page Insights and Instagram Insights.