About us

Datahive360 – the unified data management platform built for data-driven marketers, digital analysts, CMO’s and marketing teams.

We believe in the power of data-inspired marketing where organizations have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the value of data. To realize this vision, we are pioneering the world of marketing middleware with Datahive360; a platform for marketeers that completely automates the extraction, unification and consolidation of data into a single, centralized location of choice.

Our purpose is to drive marketing performance, by enabling marketers to leverage the value of data, effortlessly. Therefore, Datahive360 is designed as a low-code data management platform that offers unified, business-ready data from any data source, without requireing technical expertise. Datahive360 automatically merges and harmonizes advertising, analytics, CRM and any other type of 3rd party data for reporting, automation and data warehousing purposes.

Datahive360 - About us

Our story

Datahive360 was initiated by a team with over 20 years of experience in building a global award-winning, independent digital marketing agency. We needed a reliable solution to automate the time-consuming process of reporting to clients and to collect reliable data for sophisticated campaign automation and optimization. After having experimented with numerous ETL, data intelligence and reporting tools, we concluded we needed something better going forward. A data management platform that every marketer can use without being dependant on development resources. A tool that actually leads to insightful, actionable data; business-ready, right out-of-the-box.

That’s why we’ve developed Datahive360 as a next-generation marketing middleware.

Datahive360 will drive your marketing performance by using the latest technology in big data and Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 2021 after over two years of development, Datahive360 has earned the trust of leading digital agencies and advertisers worldwide.

“We aspire to enable all marketeers in working with unified marketing data easily”.

Datahive360 Leadership Team from left to right: Tuncay Oner, Wolter Tjeenk Willink & Tije Vlam
Datahive360 - Our Ambition

Our ambition

With a myriad of advertising, analytics, CRM and other data sources available, it’s almost impossible to support every API out there while offering a competitive proposition. Yet our ambition is to achieve the nearly impossible. The Datahive360 team is devoted to fully support the most commonly used data sources by marketers. Not only by giving you the automated API connectors you need to extract the data, but also by providing you business-ready data models for unification, enabling you to automatically harmonize data sources. Effortlessly, with little to no technical knowledge and without compromising on data quality and integrity. And for those data sources we seemingly do not support (yet), or any custom data sources you want to use, Datahive360 features an intuitive generic data connector and visual ETL tool.