Datahive 360 - Unified Marketing Data Platform

Drive Marketing

Datahive360 enables you to automatically collect, merge and unify data from every advertising, analytics, CRM and any other data source, effortlessly.

Discover how our zero-code approach to multisource data management & reporting helps you get actionable insights. All without writing a single line of code, saving you valuable time while eliminating IT dependancy.

The single-source-of-truth platform
for multisource marketing data

Get rid of siloed marketing data, manual CSV downloads and countless spreadsheets. Rely on Datahive360 for business-ready marketing data from every data source, using our self-healing data connectors and automated data unification. Leverage the value of your data while saving valuable time, using our AI-driven and fully customizable data models and dashboard templates.
Datahive 360 - Extract all Data

Automatically collect the most current data.

Datahive360 automatically collects the most current data for every data source using failsafe API connectors. Choose the metrics and dimensions you need through our userfriendly interface, or use one of our preconfigured data model templates. Collected data is securely stored in our EU-based cloud data warehouse, or your existing data environment. Take back ownership of your data, all without coding.

Business-ready data available at your fingertips.

No more manual data cleaning, mapping and stitching. Save valuable time using Datahive360′ automatic data unification. Combine as many data sources as you like to get a single-source-of-truth view on multisource marketing data. Access both the unified, normalized data as well as raw data ‘as provided’ by the API. All without coding, while still giving you full control to rewrite queries whenever you feel nerdy.
Datahive360 - Transform your Data
Datahive360 - Load your Data everywhere

Use your data everywhere you want.

Using Datahive360, you can send your data to any data destination you like. Be it your favorite visualization tool, analytics platform, or data warehouse. You can even send data back to advertising platforms, for example to automate audience targeting in Paid Search, Display and Social Advertising. Whatever your data destination, we’ve got you covered!

Designed with Scalability in Mind

Trusted by small businesses and global enterprises alike, Datahive360 is committed to helping your organization ascend to the next level.
Single Source of Thruth

Multi-Platform Support

As you add new tools, ad platforms, and CRMs to your business, Datahive360 offers tidy dashboards and reports at scale.

Zero code platform

Intuitive Usability

Training new personnel is one of the most common challenges that growing teams face. Fortunately, Datahive360’s zero-code interfaces are simple and intuitive.

Full Data Ownership

100% Ownership

Datahive360 not only features ultra-secure encryption protocols, but also keeps you in control of your   data for uninhibited access and usage freedom.